Vigil honors survivors, victims of duck boat tragedy in Branson, Mo.

BRANSON, Mo. -- Around a dozen people including nurses lined up outside to pay their respects. One of the nurses, Sherri Vaughan who took care of Tia Coleman and her nephew, the woman who lost nine members of her family was there as well.

"She was a woman of great faith and she kept saying she would be okay," said Vaughan

She says she was off that day, but when she heard news that a duck boat capsized and individuals were being sent to the emergency room, she knew she needed to help. She said she kept trying to locate the rest Tia's Family.

"My immediate concern was both of their health and taking care of their immediate needs," said Vaughan

She said Coleman wanted nothing more than for someone to pray with her, but it was early in the night and she couldn't find a chaplain.

"The CEO of Cox Health Branson was there and he said how can i help and i said i need someone to pray with my patient and he stopped what he was doing and went and prayed with her," said Vaughan.

Vaughan says she went every night to visit Coleman in the hospital, even getting in touch with her family all the way in Indiana.

"The day she left I saw her and she hugged me and she said I want you to pray for me everyday, and I have," said Vaughan.

Vaughan says she thinks of Coleman everyday. Vaughan along with other staff members released biodegradable balloons to commemorate both the survivors and the deceased.

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