The new prescription for knee replacement surgery

On this Fit life, a new prescription before surgery. Many of you will get a list before surgery. It will tell you things like stay away out of the refrigerator for several hours before the operation. But, what if that checklist also included working out.

Kathy McCrary knows pain. She's a surgery veteran.

Kathy pre-habbed or worked out to prepare for her first knee replacement surgery.

Kathy says, "I know that the pre-habbing is what made everything go so well for me afterward. I bounced right back."

Tammy Eaton from Git Fit Headquarters adds, "I think pre-surgery workouts are just as important as post-surgery rehab."

But, before Kathy's second knee replacement surgery she got a sobering diagnosis; Breast cancer.

Kathy says, "I didn't see any need in letting it defeat me."

Between the chemo, the other treatments and the breast cancer related surgeries, the pre-hab workouts before Kathy's second knee replacement didn't really happen.

Kathy says, "I could tell a difference.. a big difference."

So, Kathy doesn't need a research study. She knows the benefits of working out to prepare for surgery. And, she's willing to pay when insurance won't.

Kathy concludes, "It's worth it to me."

Tammy Eaton says, "There's no way there's going to be a good outcome when the muscle tissues are so out of shape going into the surgery."

Kathy jokes about the dog at the gym, "I love having Dixon around. He's great... He's kinda like the cheerleader (laughs)..."

When Kathy wraps up her rehab, she plans to keep coming back to the gym. She's got new goals.

Kathy McCrary explains, "Strengthen all my muscles and I'm actually now working on a little bit of weight. I want to be up and moving around when I'm 80."

If you're planning a knee replacement surgery ask your doctor about the exercises you should do. The doctor will likely tell you to work on your legs and your upper body strength. You may need that upper body power after surgery to move around on crutches.

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