The City of Houston, Mo. now owns a golf course

HOUSTON, Mo. -- The City of Houston, Missouri now owns a golf course. Sunday, city leaders met with golfers and others in the area to talk about the future of the course.

"Earlier this year we thought we were going to lose it and it's pretty hard to take when this has been you're home for so long," Justin Brown told KY3.

It was standing room only Sunday at the Oakwood Golf Club clubhouse.

For the past several years, the fate of the course has been in limbo.

That's not the case anymore.

"This is the most life I've felt in a long time coming from the members and everyone else," Brown added.

The City of Houston will be the new owner of the 9-hole course and it's 6,000 square foot clubhouse, after agreeing to purchase the club for nearly $300,000.

"It's an asset, you know, it truly is, City Administrator Scott Avery said. It gives us something to sell when we're trying to sell the community to people."

The city has a tentative five year plan to give new life to the course, which has been around since the early eighties.

"I think that with the city taking this over, it's the right move and I think that if everyone helps out and we get everyone involved in it like they were before, I think this can be a very successful golf course," Brown explained.

The city plans for the club to be used for all kinds of events.

Houston Schools Superintendent Dr. Allen Moss sees how it's beneficial for the district.

"We have tournaments for our basketball teams. Other groups do benefit tournaments here but also give them an opportunity to give back and to help support this course," Dr. Moss stated.

The city understands the undertaking is not popular with everyone, but for the price and for what it can offer to the community, the city feels it will be worth it in the long run.

"When you think about it, well I never golf, I don't use a golf course...Okay, that's great, but there's people that don't swim in the pool but I'm spending $1.6 million to redo the pool because there's lots of people that do. I think it's going to be something that we provide to the community moving forward and the community is going to appreciate it eventually," Avery told KY3.

City council will be asked to change the name of the club to Houston Municipal Golf Course at its next meeting on March 2nd.

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