The ABC's of Spring Bike Safety

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/KSPR) - More people will hop on a bicycle as temperatures warm up and spring officially starts. There are several things everyone should do to make sure their bikes are working properly before hitting the trails.

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Bike maintenance expert, Brandon Ives, at A&B Cycle in Springfield says it's as simple as ABC, which he said stands for air, brakes, and chains. Ives said those are the three key things to check when taking bikes out of winter storage. He also said a small ride around the block will be a good indicator for how things are working.

When it comes to checking kids bikes, you can use the same method. Ives said the only difference will be the brake system. "You may have a little of what we call the coaster brake," explained Ives. A coaster brake is when the child would just need to pedal backwards a bit to slow down or stop."You can kind of just pedal around with the bike and pull it backwards and make sure that still works." Ives also encouraged people to bring their bikes into a professional and not be shy to ask any questions.

There's also an importance of biking etiquette. While there are many bike-friendly trails throughout Greene County, not everyone takes advantage of them because they don't know the rules.

Ives says the key to riding in a group is making sure you are not taking up the entire path, especially when riding with kids. He said if people decide to ride solo, not to wear headphones. Ives talked about how vital verbal cues are on the paths and how things can sometimes get confusing if there isn't clarity. "I used to say 'on your left' quite often, but a lot of times when they hear 'left' they will step to their left, so that is not necessarily the best thing." Ives said the overall goal is to stay mindful of your surroundings.

A&B Cycle is located at 3620 South National Avenue in Springfield.