Testimony ends in Greene County death penalty case

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. Closing arguments and jury deliberations are expected Thursday in the trial of the Springfield man accused of kidnapping, raping, sodomizing and killing a 10 year-old girl.

Craig Wood did not take the stand in his own defense Wednesday. His attorneys call didn't call any witnesses to defend him.

It took prosecutors three days to show the jury all of the evidence they had against Wood.

Both sides rested their cases.

Now the focus will switch to the jury and the decision they have to make.

"Your honor, at this time the state rests," said Greene County Prosecutor, Dan Patterson.

That's how the third day of Craig Wood's murder trial ended.

It started with very grim details about what he's accused of doing to 10 year-old Hailey Owens.

Pathologists and investigators, described in great detail, the condition of the child's body and the extent of her injuries.

Assistant Greene County Prosecutor, Todd Myers asked pathologist Dr. Carl Stacy, "Are these photos depicting injuries to various body parts?"

"Yes, sir," answered Stacy.

Then, the video and pictures tracking Wood's every move on the day Owens disappeared were played for the jury.

Everywhere he went, everything he bought at the store, including bleach and duct taped, was caught on camera.

The defense team then rested its case. Wood gave up his right to take the stand. This ended testimony in his trial.

"I did want to point out that I don't think Mr. Wood is obligated to answer any questions from the court at this time or any other time," said defense attorney, Pat Berrigan.

It will be up to a jury to decide if Wood is guilty of first degree murder. If convicted, the second phase of the trial will start. The jury will then decide if he should be put to death.

If he isn't convicted of first degree murder, then the death penalty is off the table.

Wood will spend the rest of his life in jail with no chance of getting out.