Teens accused of dragging cat to death plead not guilty amid protests

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FORSYTH, Mo. (KY3) - Protestors gathered outside the Taney County Courthouse as two 18-year-olds accused of dragging a cat behind a truck to its death, and then posting video to Facebook, plead not guilty in circuit court.

"To make this little cat's life worth something we're making a stand,” Shelley Kleypas said. “Not just for the cat, but for all animals in the Ozarks and the United States."

Kyle Williams and Jordan Hall are each facing a felony count of animal abuse and armed criminal action, which could mean at least five years in jail.

Their attorneys are asking for a change of venue, but wouldn’t comment when asked why. Circuit Judge Tony Williams agreed to find a new judge for the case, and that judge will determine where it would be heard from here.

Kleypas wants to see these types of crimes stop, and is worried that social media fame can encourage them.

"We're concerned because it's become an escalated event,” she said. “You see it on Facebook all the time. Everybody is posting what they do to animals and it's not right. It's not right and it should stop."

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