Technicians say now is the time to prepare for freezing weather in homes and vehicles

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - After the first frost of the season Saturday morning, some people in the Ozarks are gearing up for freezing weather earlier this year.

Heating and cooling technician Mark Acosta said the quick change in the weather is boosting business.

"We went from having 70-degree weather a couple days ago to, all of the sudden, having a 30-degree night," he said.

He said calls to Air Services in Springfield from concerned homeowners are on the rise.

"We're getting a lot of calls, people calling in, smelling burning dust, from their house, or not sure if it's safe for them to turn on their furnaces yet or not," he said.

Acosta said it is safe. In fact, he said he encourages people to crank up the heat now. He said it's important to look for potential problems with a yearly inspection.

"If there is a failure in the heat exchanger, there is that potential for carbon monoxide to come up through your vents and our bodies seem to not like carbon monoxide," he said.

Acosta stressed homeowners should calibrate their carbon monoxide detectors. He said it's better to fix issues now than deal with them later.

He also said homeowners could have a plumber look at their pipes to make sure they're ready for the cold.

"If you have your water hose hooked up to the faucets, make sure you unhook them. That way you don't have any copper pipes burst," Acosta said.

Don't forget about your vehicles. U.S. Automotive technician David Hill said drivers should check their car's coolant and tires.

"You want to top off your tires and make sure you have good tires for the inclement weather that's about to happen," Hill said.

It's all about protecting your family through preparation.

"Really great people here in Springfield so I'd just like to know everyone's safe and everyone's doing what they can do be safe," Acosta said.

Acosta says the smell of burning dust after first turning on a furnace is normal, but if a homeowner senses anything is wrong with their heater, they should call a professional heating and air company.

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