Taste of the Ozarks: Eggs a la Goldenrod (creamed eggs over toast)

This concoction may be thousands of years old, but that only shows how much the world loves it! If you were very lucky, you might have had it at home. If not, it’s high time to make it yourself.

Hard-cook 6-8 eggs, remove shells, lay aside.
Make a white sauce: Melt 3 TBS butter in a saucepan, stir in 3 TBS flour until creamy and add salt and pepper to taste. Don’t forget, ‘salt adds flavor’. Combine over low heat until thick and satiny; slowly stir in 2 cups of milk and continue to cook until thick. Don’t walk away and let it burn on the bottom, keep stirring. Set aside while you deal with the eggs.
Separate the whites and the yolks, coarsely chop the whites, and maybe some of the whites AND yolks, but save a few yolks and put them through a coarse sieve so that they look like golden snow. Save the ‘snow’, it will be added on top of the dish when served (or you could just lay the yolks in a sieve and press them through on top of each serving).
Add the chopped egg whites to the ‘white sauce’ and allow to heat.
The hard work is done. Now all you have to do is decide what you want to pour the white sauce on top of!
Traditionally, and because most people own a toaster, your pour the white sauce with eggs over toast.
But this lovely sauce is equally good over a slab of cornbread, mashed potatoes, cooked noodles, polenta, rice, puff pastry baskets . . . check and see what you have.
After you decide what you’re going to pour the sauce over, be sure it’s still hot, pour it over, and sprinkle the golden yolk ‘snow’ over the top.
One recipe I found said “the trouble with this recipe is making enough”!

Variations/additions: Not needed at all, but some folks like to step out of the traces.
Saute’ a whole onion, finely chopped, in the butter while making the white sauce.
Add to the white sauce a small amount of any grated cheese, hard, soft, aged, processed . . .
Instead of making a white sauce yourself, try using a can of cream soup (asparagus, celery, mushroom) diluted with about 1/3 of the usual milk you’d add.
Add chicken broth, or a bouillon cube maybe 1 TBS of Worchester, 1 tsp. curry sauce to the white sauce. If you use curry, you might add chopped peanuts or raisins.

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