Taney County to begin $15 million sewer system project in Venice on the Lake

A $15 million project in Taney County will soon be underway. A new sewer system will be created for nearly 400 lots and homes in Venice on the Lake, near Forsyth.

Some homes in the Venice on the Lake area have old, failing septic systems and raw sewage is running out onto the ground.

County leaders say that is a health and environmental concern.

"Old 50 gallon drums and old metal tanks and they've rotted out and you literally have raw waste water flowing out onto the ground," Regional Sewer District Administrator Brad Allbritton. "This watershed here flows directly into Lake Taneycomo."

That's why the county is putting in a public sewer system in Venice on the Lake. Allbritton says the project will include lift stations and flow waste water into the treatment facility in Rockaway Beach.

"The funding comes from the Taney County half-cent sewer sales tax," Allbritton said.

He says the infrastructure improvement is also an investment in the development of Venice on the Lake.

“The central sewer will provide the ability to connect the vacant lots that are out there and I would expect a decent amount of building would occur overtime as the project is put in," Allbritton said.

Residents will be required to connect to the system and pay a monthly fee of $37.50. If people don't make their payments, an agreement with the water company is already in place.

"We will execute that and shut off water for non-payment of sewer as needed," Allbritton said.

Some long-time residents are looking forward to the improvements.

"My husband said that I get a garbage disposal once we get this all done, that'll be nice," Venice on the Lake Resident Jeanette Karschnik said.

Phase one of the project is expected to begin by the end of the year and the entire project is scheduled to be complete by 2023.

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