Taney County Regional Sewer District to present new Master Plan at public meeting Tuesday

TANEY COUNTY, Mo. -- The Taney County Regional Sewer District has a new Master Plan that outlines a variety of current and future projects throughout the county.

Some of the projects would come with hefty price tags, like one of the largest called the Emory Creek Water Shed Project that would cost approximately $19 million.

Taney County Regional Sewer District Administrator Brad Allbritton says the new Master Plan hasn't been updated for more than ten years.

"It will serve as a guiding document for the district to complete future projects," Allbritton said.

Allbritton says one of the main goals of the plan is to create more regional waste water treatment plants. The mission is to help protect one of the county's most valuable resources.

"That's our mission here at the sewer district, to keep our water of this county clean for recreational and drinking water uses," Allbritton said.

He explains that planned projects like the one along Table Rock Lake near the Long Creek Bridge will work to replace septic systems by treating the water at a regional, or municipal, facility.

"[That water] goes into our ground water and our recreational and our drinking waters. So, we try to eliminate septic systems," Allbritton said.

Under the Master Plan, the county will also take over privately owned treatment facilities.

"We as a neighborhood and a homeowner's association, we don't want to be in the sewer business," Homeowner Bob Franklin said.

Franklin is the liaison between homeowners in the Emory Creek neighborhood near Branson and the County Sewer District. He says, in addition to the maintenance workload, running their own facility comes with lots of other challenges.

"We have trouble sometimes collecting the bills, whereas Taney County wouldn't have those issues that we have," Franklin said.

The plan isn't official until the board approves it, but Allbritton says he hopes it will help the district move forward.

"Helps us plan for the future for sure," Allbritton said.

The projects laid out in the plan would be funded by the existing sewer district sales tax.

The county will present the Master Plan to the public Tuesday December 3 at 6 p.m. at Hollister City Hall. The Master Plan can also be viewed on the county's website.

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