Talk of vampires and blood sucking led to stabbing in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) - It's like a scene in a horror movie. After a discussion about vampires, a woman says she let her boyfriend cut her and suck her blood. Soon after, she told police, she stabbed him.

This actually happened in Springfield, according to a probable cause statement that is the basis of charges filed against Victoria Vanatter, 19, who is in the Greene County Jail. She's charged with domestic assault and armed criminal action.

According to neighbors, the stabbing is just the latest in a series of bizarre things that have happened at a house on South Fort Avenue, two blocks south of Battlefield Road, over the past decade.

"That house has been a problem for 10 years in this neighborhood, at least 10 years. Just looking right around the immediate neighborhood, everybody's had a problem with him at one time or another," said Carl Dietrich.

Dietrich isn't too fond of his neighbors across the street.

"There's just a lot of trash there, a lot trashy people there, in and out at all hours of the night. We pretty much know what's going on," he said.

Lately, the house has been quiet.

"It's seems like, the last couple months it's been pretty good," said Dietrich.

That changed the day before Thanksgiving. That's when Vanatter called 9-1-1 for help. The probable cause statement says she and her boyfriend, not identified by police, were talking about vampires.

Vanatter told police she likes to cut herself and let him take a box cutter to her arm. Then she allowed him to suck her blood. The couple began to beat on each other, and Vanatter ended up stabbing the man at least three times, according to the probable cause statement.

Their neighbor says he isn't surprised by this.

"There's (only) so much you can do about a guy like that. You just think at some point he's going to self-destruct. He just hasn't done that yet. I just think if you live that kind of life it will happen sooner or later," said Dietrich.

Police found the man had a cross drawn in blood in the center of his chest on Wednesday. There also was a message and a heart shape drawn in blood on a wall.

It's not the first time something this strange has happened in this house.

"Last year, about this time, there was an incident where I think he thought he killed his girlfriend and he wrapped her up in a mattress and then he couldn't find her," said Dietrich.

He recently installed security cameras to keep watch on his house.

"Well, there's no guarantee, wherever you move, that it's going to be any better," he said.

Dietrich intends to stick around despite the one neighbor he says puts others in danger.

"I feel comfortable living here. At this part in my life, I just want some peace and tranquility and I'm willing to fight for it," he said.

Vanatter already has two felony assault convictions. When she was arrested last week, she told police that she is a threat to society and believes she could be a serial killer in the future.

Vanatter has two open cases in Greene County, an unlawful use of a weapon charge from this summer and a first-degree domestic assault charge for this recent incident.

She is being held in lieu of a $150,000 bond.