Table Rock Dam releases water, levels fluctuate on Lake Taneycomo

The US Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water out of the Table Rock Dam and into Lake Taneycomo. It opened 10 spillway gates Monday night.

"Everybody freaks out when they hear they're going to open Table Rock Dam. You can't blame them," Mid-River Marina and Lakeside Services Owner Joe Beeghly said.

However, Beeghly says more water was welcome. Monday morning, he came to work to find boats in his marina on dry ground.
"Yeah, it went down three feet overnight," Beeghly said.

That before the Corps started releasing water from Table Rock Monday.

"It's come up about 18 inches since they opened up Table Rock this morning," Beeghly said.

A map from the US Geological Survey shows the roller coaster of water level on Taneycomo over the past few days. Beeghly says some fluctuation of the lake is understandable considering the recent rain and flooding in the area.

"It's Mother Nature doing her thing. And they're not going to get it right every time. That's just not reality," Beeghly said.

Still, he says, the damage the up and down pattern does can be detrimental. Some boat parts break as the boats settle into the silt when the water goes down.

"The low water does more damage to the docks and the boats and the transducers and such than the high water does," Beeghly said.

That's not to mention days of work missed.

"I've got a marine shop here. Yesterday we couldn't do anything because we couldn't launch boats, we couldn't recover boats," Beeghly said.

While the Corps notifies Powersite Dam, owned by Empire Electric, prior to letting water out of Table Rock, people along Taneycomo feel at the mercy of both dams. That leaves people like Beeghley caught in the middle.

"Why can't we do better than this?" Beeghly said.

While water is coming out of Table Rock, water is still coming in from Beaver Lake. That leaves Table Rock at about 5.5 feet into flood pool.

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