Suspect in Branson home invasion also charged in Stone County break-in

A man charged with burglary, robbery, and kidnapping following a New Year's Eve crime in Branson was the same man who allegedly broke into a Stone County home and held a teenage girl against her will in mid-December.

Mark Anthony Lamb is now in the Taney County Jail without bond.

Lamb is believed to have broken into a Branson home on New Year's Eve where he allegedly ransacked the home while holding the homeowner against her will. He was arrested soon after.

Authorities think Lamb also broke into a Stone County home in mid-December.

Investigators say on December 15th, a teenage girl found Lamb in her home where he allegedly forced her to stay inside. However, according to the victim's mother, she was able to call police and escape. Authorities say Lamb was arrested on scene.

He was held in the Stone County jail briefly after the Stone County incident until he bonded out, even though the bond was set at the high amount of $50,000.

Both victims, the woman in Branson and the family in Stone County, say they're concerned that the man was let out at all after the first incident. They believe if he was held in Stone County longer, the second alleged crime wouldn't have occurred.

The Taney County Prosecutor says given Lambs history, including the Stone County incident, he requested "no bond" for Lamb this time around.

"He is entering people's homes, allegedly, where there are folks present. He is directly accosting these people, robbing them. Frankly, the fact that he was allegedly caught with a handgun after the fact, certainly raises red flags that he poses a threat to the community," Prosecutor Jeff Merrell said.

The Stone County Prosecutor says he also requested "no bond" after the December 15th crime, however that decision is ultimately left up to the judge, who set the bond at $50,000.

Also, the initial charges requested by the prosecutor did not include kidnapping, that charge was added later, after Lamb had bonded out. That could have played into the judge's decision to set a bond.

The office of the Stone County judge on this case told KY3 News that he "cannot talk with media about particular cases."

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