Surveillance cameras assist police in Monett

MONETT, Mo. -- "It does help a lot," Chief of Police George Daoud said. "All the video feed comes back to dispatch, which is here 24/ 7 monitoring it. That way, regardless of even if we only have a few officers that are out on calls, if something comes up and they're in one of those areas, dispatch can quickly look it up and see directly what is happening and give the officers information in real time."

Chief Daoud and the Monett Police have 59 surveillance cameras set up around town. Which they say helps enhance the capabilities of the department's 21 officers..

One of the reasons for the number of cameras they have set up, Chief Daoud says, is public gathering places like the kid's park and pavillion downtown.

"It adds up fast. said Chief Daoud. "One of the reasons we have so many is for any particular point we're trying to focus on, an example would be our new Pavillion, is for us to see it with a building in the way it takes about six cameras to go all the way around it so we don't have dead spots. So, even though there's a lot of numbers, there's a few areas that we're covering."

He added,"we pick high-volume places where we're more likely to catch criminal activity. If a crime occurred, we can go back to look at it to see what it is. And, we have utilized it numerous times, especially recently."

For a local barbershop owner, he's seen the positives of these cameras firsthand, and is happy with the result.

"I think it's great I sure do," barbershop owner Ken Wroblski said. "I had an incident where they broke out my window with a rock and the police had him the next morning. You can't beat something like that."

Elsa Morales, a mother who lives in Monett, said the number of cameras don't bother her.

"It's not bad because they're helping us be safe. It's safer here, I like it."

Chief Daoud said, plans are in the works to add additional cameras to their system at major intersections as well as on the roads going in and out of the city.

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