States push to ban deadly synthetic drug u-47700

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A new synthetic drug with a deadly reputation has Missouri, Arkansas and others nationwide pushing to put it on lock down.
It's called u-47700 and it's said to be eight times more powerful than morphine.

Not only is this drug blamed for at least 50 deaths, it's available online. Several states have already taken a stand against it. Wyoming, Ohio and Georgia have banned sales of the drug.
Kansas is now considering a ban.
Now in Missouri and Arkansas health care and substance abuse educators say it should be off the market, and soon.

"I think absolutely it should be banned," said Jason Martin, RN with Cox Health.

He says he first heard of of u47700 3 years ago and wants to educate the public.

"Just because something is legal does not mean it is safe," said Martin.

Martin says the public needs to know synthetic drugs may not get you in trouble legally but he stresses this drug can kill you.

"We know enough to know the side effects can be deadly," said Martin.

He explains it hasn't been properly studied and says so you don't know most don't know what they could be dealing with.

"These are drugs that never made it thru the FDA process so we don't know if it's safe," said Martin.

As a powerful painkiller, u-47700 may be attractive to people who want to experiment or a quick fix for pain.

"I would not be surprised if it's not here because it is in the surrounding area and these things spread quickly," he said.

He says it's while likely here, it is hard to detect.

"A lot of times patients will present different complaints or symptoms and say they took something a friend gave them, or that they got online," said Martin. "Since it is available online and legal it's scary because of how easy it is to get."

Meanwhile staff with the Community Partnership on Prevention warn as a pain-killer, u-47700 extremely addictive.

"Addiction knows no boundaries whether it's an adolescent or an adult," said Steve Miller. "A drug is a drug whether it's synthetic or organic."

Drug agents say u-47700 could be the next big thing like k-2, synthetic marijuana or bath salts. Doctors say because it is new it's hard to pinpoint if it could be faulted for more than the 50 deaths already blamed on the drug.

We are waiting to hear from lawmakers in Missouri and Arkansas for their position on the new drug.