Springfield's pit bull ban up for repeal

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. The room was packed Monday night for Springfield's City Council meeting.

A total of 19 people spoke in favor of repealing the pit bull ban. The item is up for consideration because of the petition that was circulated after council voted to put the ban in place in October.

"We have a great vicious dog ordinance. I think most people would agree that it's the dog and the owner regardless of breed," said one speaker.

Another said, "It's not a good ordinance. That's the way we believe because it doesn't define exactly who you're banning. You keep using the term pit bull.
Well pit bull is not a breed."

"BSL in general and specifically a breed ban does not lead to public safety. Bad cases make bad law," said another speaker.

A woman who doesn't own a pit bull spoke out.

"I don't have any pokers in this fire but I find it reprehensible that a city as wonderful as one that I chose to move to has a law already that does what it does and doesn't do," she said.

Many who support repealing the ban provided research data and other information for council to consider. They are trying to address the concerns of the council about the breed, as they have done at many other meetings at the past.

No one spoke in favor of the ban.

Council will vote on whether or not to repeal the pit bull ban in two weeks. If they fail to repeal it, the issue will be put on the ballot next August for voters to decide.