Springfield's Convoy of Hope talks about challenges in Puerto Rico

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Springfield's Convoy of Hope is in Puerto Rico right now, working to help people whose lives are devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Jeff Nene, the National Spokesperson for Convoy of Hope, was in Puerto Rico a couple days ago. He echoes what we've been telling you: there's damage everywhere. Maria destroyed roads, bridges, water systems, power and telephone lines, and cell towers. That lack of infrastructure means teams like Convoy of Hope's, have to do more than just arrive with supplies.

"That team in Puerto Rico first has to find warehousing, and they have to find trucks that they can rent," said Nene. "They have to find a forklift they can rent, and they've already accomplished all of that. So, when I talked to them this morning, they're ready to hit the ground running. They're moving."

But, how can Convoy distribute all these supplies they've brought to the territory? Nene says, the community leaders already there, like the District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, are literally, life-savers, "He's marshalling an army of pastors and churches, and volunteers to help with the distribution. And, that makes it so much easier on our team, because here you have people who know the country, they know the culture, they know the people, and they're doing the bulk of the labor. We're doing the organization, and getting the supplies to them. But, they're doing the actual distribution."

Nene says their team will have to be down there awhile. Thankfully, they are getting plenty of help.

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