Springfield will get 11 medical marijuana dispensaries

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The state of Missouri approved 192 medical marijuana dispensaries to start selling medical marijuana in Missouri, 11 right here in Springfield.

While that seems like a large amount, seven of those will be in one concentrated area, along Glenstone Avenue.

While approvals have been sent out, it wasn’t without a bit of controversy. Over 200 complaints have been issued to the DHSS over the approval process. And while those who were denied to sell in Springfield are disappointed by the decision, they are more upset that more locals were not granted approval.

“As sad as it was that the state didn’t do the due diligence that they were Missouri owned residents, it will stimulate our economy,” Jamie Tillman, Owner, Canna Bliss tells KY3. “They will be hiring Missouri residents as far as the bud-tenders and management. So in a positive light, it will benefit us as well.”

We have lots of time before we might see a dispensary pop up though. The plant takes 3-5 months to grow and then has to be sent to a lab for testing. Everyone is still in the very early stages of this process.

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