Springfield tax filers practice social distancing with new safety protocol

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Local tax filers are adding a new protocol to ensure the safety of their clients. Copeland Accounting and Tax Services is having clients drop their important documents off outside of their office and bring their own pen to sign any forms needed.

Owner Mike Copeland said they'll add their forms into a quarantined box for 48 hours that will sit in an isolated room. He said they'll be in communication with their clients until their taxes are filed.

"I have a lot of elderly clients and I don't want to pass things to them unknowingly," said Copeland Accounting and Tax Services owner, Mike Copeland. "I don't want to be passing something off to them unknowingly and quite frankly I don't want to get sick because this is my time to make my money and I can't afford to get sick. As the side says behind me we are doing our part."

The IRS is adding a three month extension for those who haven't filed their federal income taxes. The new deadline is July 15th

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