Springfield shop owners complain about burnouts and donuts done in parking lot

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Shop owners in the Battlefield Marketplace in south Springfield are complaining about loud cars and motorcycles doing burnouts in their parking lot during their busiest times of the week.

The owners say the group hangs out in the parking lot for the last year or so, but they have been getting rowdier and rowdier. The parking lot is filled with burnout marks and owners want it to stop.

"They park and they camp out," said Kaitlin Oxenreider, the co-owner of Pappo's Pizzeria. "They have chairs, they have alcohol, it is just kind of crazy."

Oxenreider says the group of about 50 hang out in their parking lot in the evenings.

"When I have people on the patio, we get a lot of complaints," Oxenreider said. "People don't feel safe, it is really loud. They have certain exhaust systems on their cars that make it sound like gunshots sometimes."

Store owners often have to call security to clear out their lots. Tim Weyers, the owner of Hobbytown USA, says the group has become more aggressive recently.

"We are a toy store, so we get a lot of families in here," said Weyers. "That just runs business away for all of us in the center, and that is the big issue with this."

He worries that warmer weather will cause the parking lot crowd to grow even more.

"We will do some demonstrations in the parking lot with remote control cars and that makes it dangerous for everybody," said Weyers. "All it takes for them being up on their bike and somebody backing out and somebody coming in. Bikes are notoriously not seen, and if they are messing around like that one of those kids is going to end up in the hospital or dead."

Springfield police know about the group, and the Battlefield Marketplace owners gave officers permission to hand out tickets without having to consult them first.

"They are very nice people, and they are just having fun," added Oxenreider. "It just isn't what should be happening in our parking lot especially since it is a private parking lot."

The marketplace has security that drives around the area and will break up the group from time to time.

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