Springfield sales tax revenue short again

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield sales tax revenue was short $178,000 in its latest monthly report, according to city finance director David Holtmann.

The city budgeted $2.4 million in sales tax revenue, and came up seven percent short.

“For the city that is totally focused and dependent on sales tax, it does cause us some concern,” Holtmann said.

The report was for September. They tend to lag two months behind.

He says he suspects that a good chunk of that shortfall is clerical, and thinks it’s possible that it will be added in later.

“We were hopeful that we'd see some of this rebound, and, unfortunately, we've seen now three months of consecutive delays,” he said.

Still, any gap is troubling since the city depends on that revenue to fund its basic services.

Another cause for the missing revenue could be online shopping, which adds convenience for costumers but often skimps the city and county out of sales tax revenue.

With big shopping days on the horizon this weekend, Holtmann is optimistic that some of it can be made up as customers load up on local deals.

“We'd all like to see the sales stay here local and pay for those things that are important to you and I,” he said. “If we're not meeting expectations we'll look at some of our larger capital purchases and possibly slow some of those things down.”

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