Springfield residents talk trash, and consider changes to the system

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. There could be changes to the way you get rid of your garbage in you live in the city of Springfield.
Some say it could save you money. Others say it will devastate small businesses and jobs.
Right now, if you live in Springfield, you can choose which company you want to pick up your trash. There are more than a dozen private trash companies serving the city.
But now, the city is considering taking over the collection system in order to make it more efficient.
Some people are ready to see fewer garbage trucks rolling through their neighborhood. Dolly Vranka is one of those people.
“Our is almost everyday. Form Monday, sometimes even to Saturday. That’s all you’ll hear. Garbage trucks,” Vranka said.
She says when everyday is trash day, it makes the neighborhood look bad, sound bad and smell bad.
“I feel bad for the roads, I feel bad for the air,” she said, “People, they have to listen to this and in the summertime it doesn’t smell good.”
But some people want the city to stay out of their garbage.
“There’s somebody on the council that’s getting something out of this deal. That’s the only way I can figure out the stupidity,” said Daniel Golden, “It’s going to drive the small business man right out of this town.”
He says there’s nothing wrong with the current system.
“What happened to the free market?” Golden asked, “What keeps the prices low is another company coming in and saying we’ll do it for less.”
However, according to city leaders, there are several benefits to citywide regulation: Less wear and tear on the roads, less noise and air pollution, more collection services (such as curbside recycling), and possibly even cheaper rates.
The city has hired a company to survey the people in Springfield about their trash and create a plan. The City of Springfield is paying Burns and McDonnell more than $100,000 to come up with several options for council to consider in January. If the city council decides to make major changes, you likely won’t see any major changes to trash collection for a couple years.