Springfield power company to burn less coal by 2019; causing less emission by EPA standards

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. New information released by the federal government claims President Trump's overhaul of pollution guidelines for coal-burning power plants could cause more people to die.

An analysis says that an increase in coal dust will cause respiratory and heart problems.

Locally, City Utilities only operates one coal plant. It only serves as a 'back-up' in case other power supplies, like natural gas, wind and solar can't produce enough.

"We're very progressive in the way we've taken care of this, the way we've moved to renewables. At the same point we're very conservative in the way that we're protecting the power generation sources for our customers. We think we have the best of both worlds," said Joel Alexander with City Utilities.

By next year, coal will account for less than 30 percent of all energy used by City Utilities.