Springfield officer still recovering after being shot three years ago

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. It was three years ago Friday that Springfield Officer Aaron Pearson was shot in the head while responding to a call for back up.

Pearson has made a miraculous recovery that continues today.

He was just one week shy of his three year anniversary when he was shot. Pearson has now been retired longer than he served the Springfield community.

He revealed to us and his wife, Amanda Pearson that he wants to know what happened the night he was almost killed.

"It seems like it was such a long time ago and then it also seems like it was, it's the first year anniversary. It just seems so surreal," said Amanda Pearson.

She still has a hard time dealing with the night her husband was nearly killed.

Aaron Pearson still misses serving his community.

"I would still do it again if I could though," he said.

Now, after three years, Aaron Pearson is searching for some answers.

"I have no idea what actually happened the night I was shot," he said.

Amanda Pearson tells him, "I think it comes when you're ready. It has to be your choice."

"That's what I said. It's up to the three years so I started doing it last night. It was pretty shocking that I actually talked about it," Aaron Pearson said, referring to a few conversations he had via text message with friends.

"Yeah that's a big step," replied Amanda Pearson.

"Actually talking about what happened," replied Aaron Pearson.

Now that time has passed, the Pearson children are also having questions.

"Jackson's like well what if they say something about daddy's eye? I'm like, tell them what happened and you be proud of it. Don't be embarrassed," said Amanda Pearson.

She said the community has helped their family get to where they are today.

"Springfield wrapped us in their wings and just took complete care of us and still care for us and love us," she said.

The Pearsons hope that someday the pain they still deal with will be a very distant memory.

"Normalcy, to be just like everyone around us, still happy," said Amanda Pearson.

Joshua Hagood is serving a 145 year sentence for shooting Aaron Pearson.

Aaron Pearson still sees a doctor to monitor his progress. He seems to have made it through the worst of the physical damage and even drives now.