Some houses owned by 417 Rentals now facing foreclosure

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Some roperties owned by 417 Rentals, LLC now face foreclosure. Foreclosure can take place since 417 Rentals bankruptcy case was dismissed in Jan.

Several properties are scheduled to be auctioned off on courthouse steps at the end of Feb. KY3/KSPR talked with a few other people renting from Chris Gatley's 417 Rentals and these foreclosures were news to them.

Attorney, Ted Tinsman, is not linked 417 Rentals case. He says the lender will send notice of the foreclosure ahead of time. However, the notice might be sent to the debtor -- which in this case is 417 Rentals.

Tinsman says the renter will be told once the property is sold.

Tinsman has few suggestions for current people renting property from 417 Rentals:
-Contact the agency who holds the deed of trust, click here.
-Contact Legal Services of Southwest Missouri

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