Springfield family renting from 417 Rentals facing foreclosure

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Many properties owned by 417 Rentals, LLC are now facing foreclosure. One Springfield family received multiple notices this week.

"I didn't know what to think," Amy Forrester, renter, said. "I am worried that we are not going to have anywhere to live. We already have to go to St. Louis every two to three months for two of our kids. They have to go see a specialist every couple of months for various medical issues. So this on top of all of that is just kind of like a brick wall."

The paperwork Forrester received says the house will go up for auction the last day of February. But she says they are not the first renters renting from the company experiencing foreclosure.

"I have actually seen stuff on Facebook about it from a group that I am in," Forrester said. "They were talking about it saying that one of them had posted a picture of some of the other houses up for sale at the end of January."

Foreclosures are now taking place since 417 Rentals bankruptcy case was dismissed in January. Chris Gatley's personal bankruptcy case is still ongoing. His case went before a judge again Tuesday. However, he did not appear in court while recovering in a Springfield hospital from a gunshot wound.

Filed court documents state, "Mr. Gatley was shot in the chest on Jan. 27, 2019, and he is currently unable to manage Chapter 11 bankruptcy estate."

In the meantime, the judge extended Gatley's deadline to file a new plan for his personal bankruptcy case to mid-March.

Forrester is now waiting to see what will happen. She says her plan is to contact the bank who holds the deed to her home. KY3/KSPR reached out to Gatley's attorney listed on foreclosure documents -- we have not received a response.

"Hopefully whoever buys the house will keep letting us rent it," Forrester said.

A Springfield attorney has a few suggestions for renters living in 417 Rental properties:
-Contact the agency who holds the deed of trust, click here.
-Contact Legal Services of Southwest Missouri

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