Springfield doctor talks about holiday travel precautions

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/KSPR) - One Springfield doctor is advising holiday travelers to take extra precautions before hitting the road or taking flight.

The weather is supposed to cause messy travel conditions on the peak travel days for Thanksgiving, Wednesday and Saturday into Sunday.

Doctor John Brown, the Travel Physician with Mercy Hospital in Springfield, explained there are several questions holiday travelers will want to ask themselves before heading on their holiday trips. "What's the weather going to be like? What's the climate going to be like? What's my exposure risk?," said Doctor Brown.

Brown added it's important people allow themselves time to adjust to new climates, especially those taking a tropical or warm weather vacation if they normally live in a colder winter climate.

He also said people need to check for any travel notices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the CDC, people who travel abroad to see family and friends are more likely to get sick during the holidays than the typical tourist is. The CDC's research found this is because these types of travelers generally stay abroad longer and are more likely to eat local food in people's homes. The research also shows these types of travelers are more likely to take less travel precautions than the average tourist.

Dr. Brown encouraged everyone to talk to their family physician before traveling.

He also reminded people to get their flu shots ahead of the holiday season.

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