Springfield, Mo. family finds car torched outside of house

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. "I'm angry, very angry," said Terry Rucker.

Rucker lives along east Cherry Street in the Rountree neighborhood. He says he hadn't used his car in a while and when he came outside this past weekend he noticed someone had set it on fire. He says the fire was already out by the time he noticed the damage. He says whoever is responsible for this set the seat cushions on fire. Rucker says he is surprised the whole car didn't go up in flames.

He says despite the fire, he will continue to use the car as it is his only vehicle. He says at the moment he cannot afford new seat cushions, but plans to put a blanket over them as the car still runs. And while Rucker does not have security cameras outside his home, he is now looking into it.

"I have some extra phones and there is a couple apps I can use that I can rig up a system using old cell phones," said Rucker.

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