Springfield Me Too holds first sex education conference in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- The non-profit, Me Too Springfield held a sex education conference Friday at Springfield's Library Center.

"To see if we had ways to better prepare ourselves, to better prepare our children for the world that they are gonna face out there," said Alicia Hughes.

Alicia Hughes came to the sex education conference with her partner and children.

Hughes says there is a stigma surrounding sex that she was taught growing up, but with her own children, she doesn't want them to feel embarrassed to talk to her about it.

"When I teach my kid about sex, I don't want him to think its a dirty word," said Hughes.

"We just want to give accurate information on what sex is, what a healthy relationship is," said Jordan Harris.

Jordan Harris, President of Me Too Springfield, says the fear of talking about sex leads to misinformation. She hopes learning more can help break the taboo that surrounds discussions about sex.

"It's your well being, it's your sex health, so to make sure you are getting the utmost care, we want to make sure people aren't embarrassed about these things, they can be honest with their doctors," said Harris.

Harris says learning the language associated with sex, like the words consent and coercion, can also help victims of sexual assault.

"Seven in 10 perpetrators are known to the victims of sexual assault... which is why domestic violence and sexual assault go hand in hand and we hope what people learn here today, people will see the red flags," said Harris.

Harris says she hopes to continue the conversation about sex education and to hold a conference every year.

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