Springfield business woman surprised to learn President Trump is familiar with her business

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A Springfield business woman had an audience with President Trump in St. Louis to talk about what his tax reform means to small businesses across the country.

Mary Hartman's company specializes in heavy civil construction, projects that are in line with infrastructure. She said she's not exactly sure how she was picked to sit at the president's round table. However, she didn't waste any time talking about his tax reform plan with him.

"Being at the table was almost surreal," explained Hartman.

She was one of a handful of people invited to sit at a roundtable with President Trump.

"You're looking at the President of the United States, no matter what you're political affiliation is, you know to be at the table with a sitting president was an exciting moment for me," she said.

The Executive Vice President of Hartman & Company Incorporated, Hartman said she's eager to take advantage of tax reform.

"The tax cuts and tax reform really doesn't take place until 2018. A lot of us are jumping in ahead of the game by the anticipation of what that is going to mean," she said.

Hartman explained that taxes are a big expense for businesses.

"If you receive a tax cut of any substantial percentage that is money back to your business that you can reinvest," she said.

Hartman said she's been able to purchase new equipment and provide her employees with bonuses.

Now she says she's ready to grow her business. President Trump is working on a federally funded infrastructure plan. It's one she hopes Missouri will be ready for.

"Right now there's 26, maybe, possibly 27 states that already do have funds that if he does this matching fund or percentage back and forth, they're ready to take advantage of that. Missouri is not one of those states," explained Hartman.

For her, being able to give her feedback on how well her small business is doing with the president was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"You know being a small business in Southwest Missouri, to have been picked up on that radar was something that I still don't understand. I'm grateful for it but I don't understand it. It was just a fun day," she said.

Hartman said that during her exchange with the president she was surprised to learn that he knows a lot about her business.

Hartman said she looks forward to another opportunity to sit with the president if called upon again.