Southern Airways announces new flights out of Harrison and potential interline agreement

HARRISON, Ark. -- Starting May 2, the Boone County Regional Airport will be providing flights to Memphis and Nashville seven days a week.

“Anybody in Harrison can make a connection over in Memphis and about 25 minutes later stay on a Southern Airways flight and continue on to Nashville," Keith Sisson, the COO of Southern Airways Express, said. "One-stop service in both directions daily. It’s a mid-day flight.”

The airline is also growing, and with that growth comes more opportunities.

Right now if you take a flight to Dallas from the Boone County Regional Airport and are trying to get on a connecting flight, you have to book that ticket on a separate airline, then when you get to Dallas, you have to go to the ticket counter to get another boarding pass and check your bag.

“You may have to have a longer layover trying to find a flight to go somewhere else," said Kelsey Bardwell, who lives in Harrison, and has flown multiple times out of the Boone County Regional Aiport.

But the COO said the company is working to change that on connecting flights out of Dallas.

“Let’s say you need to go to Miami," he said. "You’ll type in Harrison to Miami. It’ll build you an itinerary. You’ll pay for it with one ticket purchase. You’ll show up at the airport check-in. You’ll have both of your boarding passes printed for you. The one on our carrier and the one on the next carrier.”

They will also print out a bag tag for you, so you don't have to check your bag again once you get to the airport in Dallas.

“If people are afraid of doing connecting flights it’s not difficult," Bardwell said. "And it’s really great to be able to land a few minutes from your home and not have to drive an additional hour and a half to get home.”

The Southern Airways COO said the airline plans to make the official interline agreement announcement with a major air carrier in the next couple weeks.

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