Son of Marshfield woman found in freezer speaks out

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REPUBLIC, Mo. A woman's body found in a freezer at a storage facility right outside of Marshfield Monday.

Investigators say it was in there for nearly four years.

For the first time, that woman's son is speaking out about what he says led to this.

"I don't see him as a murderer, no. I think he was scared and didn't know what to do. Not a violent bone in his body. No doubt in my mind he didn't want to kill her," said Kertis Legan

Kertis Legan says his step-father, Larry Dinwiddie told him his mother, Cynthia took off.

That was four years ago.

"He said I'm not going to buy her any more beer and she took off. That was super believable because that was her number one, was the alcohol," he said.

Earlier this week, her body was found, stuffed in a freezer, inside a unit of a storage facility outside of Marshfield.

"I was perfectly fine with it happening the way I had thought it had happened. Now I'm basically part of a bad movie," said Legan.

Court documents say Dinwiddie told authorities his wife was an abusive alcoholic.

"Do I think he was attacked? Yes. Yes, he was attacked every day. Even at me, she would be violent, chased me with a machete," said Legan.

Dinwiddie told authorities that the couple was fighting at their home on North Street when she threw a hammer at him.

That's when he told them he couldn't take it anymore.

"Everything he's known for half his life has been literally covering up something that other people shouldn't know about someone that he loved, cared about. Then felt stuck with," explained Legan.

He said Dinwiddie was a domestic violence victim and doesn't deserve to be locked up for life.

"No. At the same time she didn't deserve what happened. When left unchecked something will eventually happen," he said.

Legan said that he isn't angry with his step-father. He just hopes that anyone dealing with abuse speaks up before it's too late.

"The only part that made me mad about it all is that he didn't go to somebody beforehand or when it happened. If you feel alone don't be scared to go to anybody who can help," he said.

According to online court records, there were no orders of protection filed against Cynthia Dinwiddie.

Larry Dinwiddie is being held on $1 million dollars bond at the Webster County jail.

He'll be in court again next week.