Snow-covered roads challenge drivers in Springfield, near Bolivar

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Drivers faced a scary scene Sunday afternoon as major Springfield roads like Kansas Expressway saw multiple car crashes. Highway 13 was another major road covered with abandoned cars and fire fighters working hard.

"We have been working accidents today and other acidents are occuring while we are on scene," said Micah Latch of the Ebenezer Fire Dept. "People are trying to slow down for our emergency vehicles and then they end up sliding off the road and into a ditch."

So if you are on you way home -- here are some tips to remember:

"If your wipers on its a state law to have your headlights on. Makes all the other cars be able to see you," said Latch. "Give yourself enough time to brake, if you slam on the breaks it is going to put you into a spin and push you off the road. Prepare ahead of time, if you know you stop sign or light is coming up, start stopping early."

One driver also recomends packing extra water and multiple ways to stay warm.

"We have extra blankets and coats and some waters," said driver Mike Ingram. "Hopefully we are preapred if we slide off the road."

But fire fighters say the best way to stay safe is to stay off the roads.

"My best advice is to stay off the roads right now," said Latch. "Avoid any travel unless it is 100 percent necessary, we are just getting a lot of traffic that is driving too fast for the road conditons right now."

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