Silver Dollar City opens for its 2019 season

NEAR BRANSON, Mo. -- Silver Dollar City opened for the 2019 season on Wednesday.

In 2018, more than 2.1 million people visited the park. Silver Dollar City staff says the safety of all the families who visit is their top priority.

With a variety of rides in the park, Attractions Manager Nick Breithaupt says workers do many safety checks every day of the season.

"We will do multiple safety checks throughout the day. So, we may do a check at 9:15 a.m. before opening, then we are going to do another one in just a few hours," Breithaupt said.

Breithaupt says even delays for maintenance, which occurred on Time Traveler last season, are part of that safety process.

"The team has been constantly improving. We do that at every attraction. So, we work in the off-season diligently. We work with the manufacturer. How can we improve the experience? I do expect that we will continue to develop and continue to get better not only at Time Traveler but at every ride," Breithaupt said.

It's not only on rides that safety is number one.

"We screen all guests and all employees and we do that for the peace-of-mind and safety of our employees those who visit Silver Dollar City every day," Safety & Security Manager Jeff Ussery said.

Uniformed officers are at the park 24/7, who are only a text away through the park's app.

"[In the app,] you're going to see a banner that says 'for safety and security issues only,'" Ussery said. "You can text those and those will go right to a safety and security officer and we can address those concerns."

Moms and dads agree that safety measures help them have a more enjoyable day with their families.

"Absolutely. We always go get our bracelets with my phone number on them for the kids. That's our first stop," Kayla Wescoat said.

Silver Dollar City is currently open Wednesdays through Sundays.

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