Shooting outside of Springfield nightclub

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/KSPR) - A man is now in jail for the unlawful use of a weapon after police say he shot a gun four times in a parking lot right next to Martha’s Vineyard Night Club, just before midnight.

The suspect ran from the parking lot, at the intersection of W. Olive St. and N. Patton Ave., into Falstaff’s Local where he was for a short time before police took him into custody.

“I heard three to four gunshots go off, so I started walking quickly close to Hollywood Theaters and there was a lot of cops around us,” said Taylor Ansley.

“As soon as they pulled up they had their assault rifles out and everything," Nathan Castaldo said. "There were dogs and everything.”

“The suspect actually ran into a building and the two officers were able to locate him, he gave up pretty easily after we located him,“ Lt. Mike Lucas, with the Springfield Police Department, said.

When the man ran from the parking lot he possibly chased someone with his gun into another downtown business. The victim being chased was not located.

Officers recovered the gun and four shell casings. No one was injured during the incident. Lucas said there is no threat to the community.

Nathan Castaldo said even though the man was caught he still thinks it could happen again.

"Coming downtown at night is always a little nerve-wracking because a lot of weird stuff happens down here," he said.

“This obviously isn’t a regular occurrence," Lt. Lucas said. "I guess the good news, if there is good news in this, is that there are so many officers that patrol the downtown area that this wasn’t a situation that was called in on 911. This was a situation that our officers were doing surveillance on some parking lots and actually saw it occur."

Springfield Police said it keeps a strong police presence in downtown Springfield to protect the public and also prevent crime like this happening downtown.