Sheriff: Burglar shot dead at Dallas County home

BUFFALO, Mo. (KSPR) - A man is dead after Dallas County Sheriff said he was shot while breaking into a home.

Sheriff James Rackley said the homeowner shot the would-be burglar.

Sheriff Rackley said dispatch got a call about a break-in in progress Monday evening around 5 or 5:15. When they arrived, he said deputies found this man, the would-be burglar, dead.

"The chopper landed up there at that bar where it says Roscows," said Dallas County Resident, Brandi Swigert.

Brandi Swigert said Red Top Road was a happening place Monday night.

"The cops came down here and went down that little road right there behind this building," Swigert continued.

You are about eight miles from town and Swigert said people in Dallas County solve their own problems.

"It takes the sheriffs a little while to get out here. You kinda have to fend for yourself out here," Swigert said.

She was not surprised to hear police say a homeowner shot the man breaking into his home.

"If I was in their place I would've done the same thing," declared Swigert."That's why it's a good thing to have a gun to where you can protect yourself."

Dallas County Sheriff's office is investigating. Reporter Stephanie Garland asked the sheriff if the homeowner was assaulted.

"There were actions that were taken that would've made him feel definitely threatened," Sheriff Rackley stated.

Sheriff Rackley said the homeowner was not injured in the deadly encounter.

"The homeowner was confronted by an individual and a shooting ensued," Sheriff Rackley stated.

Swigert said she hopes crooks out there learn people in Dallas County are not messing around.

"I kinda feel like this teaches people don't break in. Like this is what happens when you break in," Swigert finished.

Sheriff Rackley said that the homeowner actually knew the man who was breaking into his home.

We do not have that man's identity yet, the sheriff said he is hoping to release that by Friday.

Sheriff Rackley said he is not looking for any other people in connection to this investigation.