Search for Springfield man missing in California intensifies

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. It's been nearly a week since the son of two Greene County judges disappeared.

Now Calvin Holden and Margaret Palmietto have joined the search for their son Alex Holden in northern California.

"We've been very fortunate that there's been this much out reach," said Calvin Holden.

Last week, Alex Holden disappeared near his home in Sacramento, California.

"He's got a really strong group of friends here and coworkers. They've been organizing search parties and canvassing neighborhoods. We've been in contact with all of them," said Alex Holden's mother, Margaret Palmietto.

His parents said the outpouring of support out there and from the Springfield community helps to keeps them going.

"It does help. In the end we are just waiting, every minute, for something to break so we know something about where Alex is," said Calvin Holden.

They said Alex's girlfriend, Kennedi Perri has been by their side in their search. Perri was the last person to see him around 2:30 in the morning New Year's Eve.

The group is working closely with police to find any clues.

Calvin Holden said, "They are now pulling all of the videos in that area to try and figure out if there was some sighting on the cameras to give us some angle of where he was headed, what direction to look. They are following up any tips that are called in. They've sent people out to check on those, to verify. They obviously have not worked out. They are working very hard on this case."

Alex's parents said it's not like him to just go off the grid or cut off communication with anyone, though they don't suspect any foul play.

"We've had a lot of people who know people out in the Sacramento area or the San Francisco area that have sent the information onto their friends to say, hey be on the look out for this person," said Calvin Holden.

They're waiting to hear from someone that may have seen their son.

"The more people that you know that have eyes out there the more effective it will be," said Calvin Holden.

Authorities have not been able to ping Alex Holden's phone because the battery is drained.

His parents said that none of his credit or bank cards have been used. A check of his passport usage is pending.

Holden and Palmietto plan on staying in northern California for the rest of the week to help in the search. They will meet with police Tuesday.

Anyone who may hear from or see Alex Holden is asked to call police.