Search continues for man who kicked dog into oncoming traffic

SPRINGFIELD Mo.-- "He was a sweet dog and he loved to cuddle," said Azealia Garrison.

Azealia Garrison is a 14-year-old from Springfield. She grew up alongside her dog, Lightning, who was killed this past Friday.

"It makes me question, what is wrong with people," said Garrison.

She says her dog was on the front lawn when a man came out of the woods and walked onto her property.

She says her dog began barking but did not approach or bite the man.

The man then kicked the chihuahua into oncoming traffic.

"For someone to just take that away from you it's just not right, it leaves a hole in your heart," said Garrison.

She says the driver of the car stopped to see what happened, while her brother went inside to call her mom and the police. The guy responsible for the dog's death ran away.

The Garrison family did file a police report and say they believe they have seen the man before, but police have not been able to confirm the identity of the perpetrator.

"I really just want to let people know that they really need to think about their actions before they do something because they don't understand how many people they can hurt because they don't know the back story to peoples lives," said Garrison.

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