Salvation Army's Christmas Assistance Program is in need of more volunteers

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Springfield, Mo. -- The number of families applying for Salvation Army Christmas assistance is up this year.

The Salvation Army still needs about 50 more volunteers to help distribute toys to more than 700 families.

"Two weeks from today, we are going to be doing our great big distribution of all of our toys and food boxes to help families out for the Christmas Day," Major Butch Frost, with the Salvation Army, said.

It's trying to get more volunteers to help with it's Christmas Assistance Program.

"The greatest reward for the volunteers is to take families through the toy shop and walk with them, allow them to pick out the toys for each of their children help them through the process through the facility," Frost said.

The number of families in need is higher than last year.

"I use this analogy a lot but you know a lot of our families are working poor," Frost said. "A lot of them are just trying to live at poverty level and so you think of Christmas morning and you think of a Christmas tree and you think gifts under the tree or no gifts and the Salvation Army with the help of this great community of ours we provide the gifts for these families so that the kids have something to open up Christmas morning."

Organizers hope it has enough volunteers to help all the families that need it this Christmas.

"We put a lot of people ‪through in one day‬ and we need a lot of folks to accomplish that and if we were to do it with just our staff it would take us an entire week to get it done, but with the volunteers that we have we can get it done in one day and so we encourage people to come be a part of it," Frost said.

In addition to needing volunteers, the Salvation Army still needs toys for teenagers, like gift cards.

If your family needs assistance this holiday the deadline to apply is by the end of the day tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 8, 2017.

Volunteers will be organizing and then distributing the toys Dec. 20, 2017-Dec. 21, 2017.

If you want to Volunteer you can call the Salvation Army at 417-862-5509

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