SURVIVE THE STORM: Escape from the deadly Joplin storm

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"We're not stopping. I don't care what happens. You gotta go gang, you gotta go! We're about to get wacked right here."

Those were the terrifying words uttered by Roger Hill, lead storm chaser with the Silver Lining Storm chasing group as they raced to escape the Joplin Missouri tornado.

Meteorologist Matt Jones looked back on this terrifying day by saying, "You know I can tell you and you can kind of imagine but unless you were there when that thing hit, you're just never going to understand. It was the most terrifying moment of my entire life."

He went on to describe what it was like seeing the massive tornado. "You can look off to the right and just see how black the sky is. It was two in the afternoon and the streetlights came on. It was just dark as night."

Matt says that watching the video again is tough to do because it's like he is reliving that day over and over again.

Once they realized that the tornado was catching up to them quick, Roger Hill, lead storm chaser, came over the intercom in the van saying ""Don't even stop! Just go! Go! Get the hell out of here!" This is when Matt says he thought he was going to die.

He recounts those terrifying moments:

"I remember looking in the rear view mirror and I could just see transformers just going, just exploding and it was getting closer, closer, closer and we were stuck at a red light because it was near rush hour in Joplin and so we were stuck at all these traffic lights and you could just see this thing getting closer and closer and that's at the point when I said, we're either going to run all these red lights or we're toast."

Matt says that this storm caught many professional storm chasers, including his own group, off guard because it formed so fast that day.

He says that after having gone through that tornado himself it has changed how he forecasts and how he lives his everyday life.