Russian hacking code found on Vermont utility computer

NEW YORK (ABC) There are new concerns about the reach of Russian hackers.


Officials now say Russia may be targeting American utility systems. This comes after the hacking during the election, and President Obama’s retaliation this week.

The clock is ticking, and Russian diplomats are on the move, now less than 24 hours before the deadline to get out of the country.

But even as they pack up, there may be a new threat. A code associated with Russian hacking was found on a laptop linked to a Vermont electrical company. Although it did not disrupt operations, it does raise questions about the security of the U.S. power grid.

The President-elect on Twitter wished a happy new year to all - including - "my enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly."

Seemingly not among those "many enemies" - the Russian president. On Friday, Trump praising Vladimir Putin for defying calls to retaliate, saying, I always knew he was very smart."

"I am frankly, very, very scared that our next President hasn't a clue about what Russia is actually up to," said Rep. John Garamendi, (D) California

On Thursday, President Obama expelled 35 Russian officials and shut down two of their lavish diplomatic compounds as payback for Russians interfering with the u-s election.

"They have to leave within hours, and it's not human," said Sergey Petrov, the Russian Consul General.

The Russians had promised to counter punch - the Foreign Minister threatening to kick out U.S. diplomats. But Putin announced there would be no retaliation, perhaps playing the long game - and waiting for Trump's term to begin.

Steven Pifer with the Brookings Institution said, "Mr. Putin likely has an expectation that Mr. Trump may put into play policies that will be beneficial to Russian interests."

The president-elect has repeatedly questioned - even doubted - Russian hacking. But U.S. intelligence says there is no question - Russia interfered in the U.S. election.