Rogersville, Mo. family begins to clean up after tornado

ROGERSVILLE, Mo. -- David Minnehan is a retired Springfield firefighter. He is also a survivor of the Ef-2 tornado that hit the Rogersville community. He says the tornado went right by his house, shattering windows and damaging everything in its path.

"I have worked a lot of tornadoes, but I have never been in one myself, this was the first time and I really hope it's my last," said David Minnehan.

Minnehan says he has now started cleaning up the mess, but still has tons to do.

"We gotta clear out all the wet stuff from inside, all the sheet rock flooring, ceilings, installations, all that stuff," said Minnehan.

He says he has been in contact with his home insurance company, but its been a slow moving process.

"They said the structure itself they feels that its safe, but we need to get all the wet stuff out and it means taking it down to its frame work," said Minnehan.

But both Chief Richard Stirts from the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District and Minnehan says the consistent bad weather has made the clean up process even more difficult.

"I know a lot of people got tarps on their houses, but there has been a lot of work done, but with that said there is much more work for these folks," said Chief Stirts.

Chief Stirts says he can see the rebuilding process continuing until the end of summer 2019.

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