Roadwork near Kickapoo High School causing major traffic delays

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A complete overhaul of a heavily traveled street in Springfield is causing major traffic delays.

Work on widening Primrose Street near Kickapoo High School has been going on for months. The area, near the corner of Jefferson Avenue was recently closed right as the school year started.

"I have extreme stress with the traffic. It's very frustrating. I'm about to home school," said Abby Neff.

She has driven down Primrose Street for nearly a decade. She said widening the road will definitely help ease the normal flow of heavy traffic. It's just the timing of the project that's challenging.

"Its a good idea if it would happen at a different time. It is usually a cluster over here," she said.

"People get a little anxious. It was anticipated to take eight months. We've pushed that down to six months. No matter how you look at it you're going to end up having part of the project happen during the school year," explained Project Engineer for Springfield, Andrew Flippin. You've got about 2000 people who come to the school within about a 30 minute period and leave the school in about a 30 minute period. Even without the construction going on it would be challenging."

He said his team is working closely with the schools and nearby businesses to make sure the roadwork happens quickly and smoothly.

"We hate delaying people. We hate any inconvenience that it causes. Sometimes it's just the way things work with progress," he said.

Neff said she learned, on the very first day of school, that planning her trip down Primrose needs more planning and patience.

"I thought I left plenty early enough. School doesn't start until almost eight. I left at seven. We spent about 40 minutes trying to get into the school because we had to go behind it. It was a mess. I see so many people not paying attention to kids. I'm always sitting in the car like, oh please, let him go across the street," she said.

She's urging other drivers to be careful too.

"Be patient and try to help out and realize that everyone is going through this," said Neff.

The corner, at Primrose and Jefferson will reopen early next month.

The entire project should be done by November.