Renters trash Springfield house; owners on the hook for clean up

Frances Watson We often tell you about landlords that don't hold up their end of the deal by failing to make repairs or neglecting properties until they are no longer safe to live in.

However, there are also renters trash property that isn't theirs.

That's the situation in a Springfield neighborhood right now.

"I've never seen anything like it. I tried to explain it to a friend of mine and I told her how horrible it was and she drove by and said it was three times as bad," said Paula Hauser.

She and many other people living near Meadowmere Street are shocked to see such a mess.

She asked, "Where did they go that they didn't need their couches and their beds?"

The renters were evicted for not paying their rent two days ago.

“I don't know how people live like this. I really don't," said Hauser.

She said there was always bags of trash outside of the house. Other neighbors say there was tons of clutter. But nothing like this.

"It's all really nice. Nice neighborhood. That's what we were all so upset about. This is our neighborhood and I don't want people to come into our neighborhood and see this," explained Hauser.

It's now the home owner's responsibility to take care of the mess.

"This is unbelievable that they have to clean it up after them," she said.

The property owner, Victor Kashubin, said, "Yeah, it's very bad."

Kashubin, his wife and a friend started the daunting task of cleaning up the property.

"This is something wrong. I don't know. I have no idea. I have no, nothing. I have no answer. I have no answer," he said.

Kashubin rents out a few other properties in Springfield. He manages to keep them all in great condition.

"I come over and clean up. I cut the grass. I work this a lot," he said.

However, after being stuck with this mess and the bill that comes with it, he says he's done.

"I’d like to sell it because I've had enough. My age, I'm 67. I'm retired. I'd like to live more quiet, more peaceful," he said.

He is hoping to build a case against the former renters so he can get his money back.

"My heart goes out. I'll have to keep them in my prayers because my heart goes out to these people here because it's too bad," said Hauser.

Luckily, Kashubin responded quickly to the city's request to clean up the property.

If he didn't, they city would have done it, then added the cost to his tax bill.