Public meeting discusses safety at Highway 63 intersection in Thayer, Mo.

THAYER, Mo. -- A public meeting was held Wednesday afternoon with a MoDOT representative to hear the public's concern about an intersection on Highway 63.Michael Deere was at the meeting and share's the public's concerns about safety at that intersection.

Highway 63 runs north and south from Thayer to West Plains. Highway 63 intersects Highway 19 north and Business 63 in Thayer.

Wednesday's meeting was the first of likely many that will discuss options on how to make the intersection safer.

Over a dozen people were at the meeting and most voiced their opinions on possible solutions to help make the intersection safer.

Right now, drivers traveling north or south on 63 have just a single flashing yellow light in the middle of the intersection.

That light is a flashing red light for drivers coming from Business 63 or Highway 19.

Police say they have responded to numerous accidents at the intersection.

Some of the Ideas talked about at the meeting included: widening the highway to get rid of blind spots, putting in a stop light, adding signage in both directions to warn drivers of an upcoming intersection and overall re-design of the intersection to make it safer.

"We have numerous accidents at 63 and 19, Thayer Police Assistant Chief Luke Martin told KY3. In one day, we worked a fatality accident and then not two hours later, we got a call for another accident."

"I think if they could put some safety features in right away to help and then kind of redesign, Andrea Underwood said. Move those turn lanes out further so you don't have that hidden car behind the car that is turning. There is enough room to do that. It would be so simple. By separating those out, you would have a better view and you wouldn't have such a tight intersection."

Michael Wake, the MoDOT representative at the meeting, took notes and will report back to the area engineer.

He says MoDOT will look at several different factors to determine what would be the best solution for the intersection.

There will be a meeting next month to continue discussions.

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