Prosecutors say new legal trouble for Spokane teenager accused in assault of classmate

SPOKANE, Mo. -- One of two teenagers charged with sexually assaulting classmates at Spokane High School is in more trouble with the law.

Back in 2016, Tanner Brown was accused of physically and sexually assaulting two fellow classmates on school grounds. He had been out on bond for the past few months, but charges of new crimes could land him back behind bars.

Records show Tanner Brown was recently picked up in Jasper County and booked for felony burglary and misdemeanor stealing. The arrest violates the stipulations of Brown's bond set last fall.

Back in September, a grand jury indicted Tanner Brown and Chandler Brown, (no relation) on multiple counts. According to court documents, the two teens, who were students at the time, restrained a fellow classmate inside the dugout at Spokane High School's baseball field and physically and sexually assaulted him. A similar crime was committed against another classmate in the school gymnasium.

Both pleaded not guilty and were released on a $10,000 bond.

With the new charges, the prosecuting attorney is requesting Tanner Brown's bond be revoked. The move does not affect the case of Chandler Brown.

Taney County Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Lebeck said a court date was set for March 22nd.

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