Prosecution, defense both rest in 2014 double-murder trial in Camden County

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- The prosecution and defense in a 2014 Laclede County double murder trial have both rested their cases.

But, the jury does not have the case yet, and won't start deliberations on Matthew Rumbaugh's fate until Monday.

After Chad and Riley Gerber were both found shot at their Grovespring home on July 8, 2014, Matthew Rumbaugh was charged with both of their deaths.

Deputies said Rumbaugh broke into the Gerber's home to kill Chad Gerber, because he was tired of waiting for Chad's wife Jennifer, to leave him. Jennifer and Rumbaugh had previously been having an affair.

Jennifer testified on Wednesday that after Rumbaugh shot Chad, she and her stepson, Riley, worked to get the gun away from him. Jennifer said that's when Rumbaugh shot Riley.

On Friday, Rumbaugh told an entirely different story.

"It just seems pretty ludicrous," said Mark Gerber, brother and uncle to the victims.

Mark Gerber says this is the first time this version of the story has ever been told.

"I think the most disturbing thing we've seen this morning is a detailed set of what looked like observations he made while stalking my brother and his family over a period of months leading up to that shooting," Gerber said. "Notes he had written and had that detail vehicles coming and leaving the property on specific dates. All these things were dated."

Rumbaugh said those notes were written the morning of the shooting. He said he was trying to make as though he shot Chad, to take the blame away from Jennifer. She allegedly told him she would kill herself if her daughters were taken away.

Rumbaugh says he never broke in, but was there that morning to see Jennifer, but had heard gunshots.

He claimed he entered the house to find Jennifer shot Chad. Later, while telling Jennifer's daughters to stay in their rooms, Rumbaugh said he heard more gunshots, saying Jennifer shot Riley in his bedroom.

Mark Gerber feels there were several inconsistencies with Rumbaugh's testimony and cross examination, and feels this could have actually hurt his case.

"If you want my honest opinion, I think it was a horrible mistake for him to take the stand and tell this new story," Gerber said.

Rumbaugh's son and brother were both in the courtroom Friday, but declined an interview.

Closing arguments are set to start at 9:00 a.m. Monday, and then the case will go to the jury.

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