Previous Contest Winners

Ended 2/9/2020 - The 2020 Kansas City Arts Experience Giveaway Winner - Al P.
Ended 2/5/2020 - The Carden Circus Spectacular Winner - Jana M.
Ended 1/30/2020 - Beer Wine Cheese and Chocolate Festival Contest 2020 Winner - Joyce K.
Ended 1/23/2020 - Harlem Globetrotter Contest 2020 Winner - Ashley H.
Ended 12/31/19 - Summer Solar Free energy sweepstakes Winner - Kevin D.
Ended 12/23/19 - Theta Float Spa - Self Care Sweepstakes Winner - Beth W.
Ended 11/23/19 - First Snowfall Contest 2019 Contest Winner - Lorie M.
Ended 11/1/19 - Island Green Free Golf Membership Contest Winner - Michael C.
Ended 10/31/19 - Air Services/All Service Contest Winner - Melanie B.
Ended 10/28/19 - Trick or Sweet Contest Giveaway Winner - Tim M.
Ended 10/21/19 - SDC Fall of Family Fun Contest Winner - Shaelynn W.
Ended 9/30/19 - Kansas Speedway Trivia Contest Winner - Terry M.
Ended 9/8/19 - PBR-PFI World Finals Giveaway Winner - Ashley B.
Ended 7/26/29 - KY3's 66th Anniversary Corvette Giveaway on Route 66 Winner - Steve D.
Ended 7/5/19 - SDC Swashbuckling Adventure Giveaway Winner - Brandon P.
Ended 6/12/19 - Kids Monster Truck Challenge Winner- Marcia H.
Ended 5/31/19 - Bach Medical Mobility Scooter Giveaway Winner- Kathrine W.
Ended 5/19/19 - Hardees Save the Veggies Giveaway Winner- Terry S.
Ended 5/18/19 - Mid America Street Rod Nationals Winner - Mike F.
Ended 4/18/19 - Rock 'n Ribs Giveaway Winners- Wayne T.; Dakota R.; Charlot G.
Ended 3/31/19 - Clay Cooper 2019 Season Kickoff Winner- Teresa G.
Ended 3/30/19 - Grips Golf 10th Anniversary Giveaway Winner: Mark T.
Ended 2/13/19 - Can You Feel The Love Giveaway Winner: Kelly R.
Ended 1/29/19 - Carden International Circus Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Wendy S.
Ended 1/28/19 - Beer Wine Cheese Chocolate Festival Contest Grand Prize Winner: Tandra R.
Ended 1/27/19 - Junior Globetrotter Giveaway 2019 Grand Prize Winners: Toni H. & Paige R.
Ended 12/21/18 - KY3 Christmas Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Deanna A.
Ended 12/16/18 - Maaco Ugly Vehicle Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner: Kevin D.
Ended 11/26/18 - Springfield Pool & Spa Hot Tub Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Robin K.
Ended 11/12/18 - First Snowfall of the Year Contest, sponsored by Honda of the Ozarks Grand Prize Winner: Bob J.
Ended 11/10/18 - Sun Solar Fall into Savings Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Tracie G.
Ended 10/21/18 - Subway's Standout Coach Contest Winner: Adam M.
Ended 10/7/18 - Greater Kansas City Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Gary G.
Ended 9/5/18 - PBR World Finals Giveaway 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Melinda H.
Ended 9/3/18-Back to School Photo Contest 2018 Winners: 1st Place: Bethany A.; 2nd Place: Mercedes R.; 3rd Place: Khaylee W.
Ended 7/19/18: Ozark Empire Fair GO WILD Sweepstakes Winners: Donna C.; Roberta B.; Amanda D.; Toni M.; April G.; Jenny P.; Ashley B.; Dawna C.; Michelle T.; Tonya H.; Sharon M.; Kerri S.; Robert S.; Lyle M.; and Dawson M.
Ended 7/5/18: Crescent Park Giveaway Winner: Elaine H.
Ended 7/2/18: Fireworks Supermarket Giveaway Winner: Drew W.
Ended 6/14/18: Father's Day Giveaway 2018 Winners: Suzi H.; LaChrisha R.; and Kristy W.
Ended 6/12/18: Outlaw Nationals Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Misty H.
Ended 6/4/18: Marshall Tucker Band Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Cheryl B., 2nd Place: Kim H., 3rd Place: Jerry B.
Ended 5/22/18: Mid-America Street Rod Nationals Contest 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Debbie C.
Ended 5/5/18: Greater KC Attractions Association Summer Giveaway 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Lori L.
Ended 4/25/18: KSPR Idol Sweepstates Grand Prize Winner: Gerri L.
Ended 4/14/18 - Safe and Sound Saturday Home Safety Pop Quiz Winner: Summer S.
Ended 4/12/18 - Rock'n Ribs Giveaway 2018 Winners: Ricky S., Vickie G., Jennifer C., and Joann B.
Ended 4/6/18 - Sun Solar Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Vivian H.
Ended 4/5/18 - Phantom of the Opera Opening Night Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Michael S.
Ended 3/29/18 - Clay Cooper's Red Hot Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Nathan M.
Ended 3/19/18 - Ozark Empire PRCA Pro Rodeo Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Jamie B.
Ended 3/14/18 - Corndog Kickoff 2018 Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Stephanie T.
Ended 2/5/18 - Pro Football Pick'em Contest winners: Week 1 - John S.; Week 2 - Steven C.; Week 3 - Marilyn L.; Week 4 - Brian B.; Week 5 - Angie G.; Week 6 - Diane M.; Week 7 - Abby E.; Week 8 - Crystal M.; Week 9 - Judy S.; Week 10 - Timothy S.; Week 11 - Charles C.; Week 12 - Randy H.; Week 13 - Abby E.; Week 14 - Angela G.; Week 15 - Greg T.; Week 16 - Timothy S.; Week 17 - Starr J.; Week 18 - Paul P.; Week 19 - Philip E.; Week 20 - John S.; Week 21 - Marian B.; Grand Prize Winner - Cindy R.
Ended 1/31/18 - George Carden International Circus VIP Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: William P.
Ended 1/28/18 - Beer, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival VIP Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Karen B.
Ended 1/5/18 - ATS Heating and Cooling Oldest Furnace Contest Grand Prize Winner: Lindsey L.
Ended 1/12/18 - Harlem Globetrotters Junior Globetrotter Contest Winners: Mary K. and John S.
Ended 12/28/17 - Branson Family Fun Giveaway Winner: Grand Prize: Marcia S.; secondary winner: Bruce B.
Ended 12/22/17 - KY3/KSPR First Snowfall Giveaway Winner: Laura L.
Ended 12/20/17 - Good and Perfect Gifts Glamour Giveaway Winners: Grand Prize: Charlene E.; Secondary winners: Sharon C.; Cheryl V.
Ended 11/9/17 - Diwali Festival Giveaway Winner: Anita U.
Ended 11/1/17 - Dennis Quaid Date Night Giveaway: Grand Prize: Denise C.
Ended 10/31/17 - Howloween Pet Photo Contest: Grand Prize: Lauren C.; Secondary Winners: May D. and Aubrey A.
Ended 10/29/17 - Branson Ferris Wheel Fall Personality Quiz winners: Grand Prize: Shanda C; secondary winners: Scott C. and Karen B.
Ended 10/15/17 - Kansas Speedway Trivia Quiz winner: Ronnie H.
Ended 10/01/17 - Branson Ferris Wheel Trivia Quiz winners: Grand Prize: Kathy J.; secondary winners: Debra V., and Pat S.
Ended 9/19/17 - Street Machine Nationals Giveaway winners: Grand Prize - Beverly W.; Secondary winners - Milburn T., Ron R., Sharmin P., Brian S., Jenny P.
Ended 9/17/17 – Castle Rock Autumn Adventure Giveaway winner: Michelle M.
Ended 9/11/17 – PFI Party in the Parking Lot Contest: Alexis A.
Ended 9/11/17 – Pro Football UPICKEM, Week 1: Ronnie H.
Ended 9/6/17 – PBR World Finals Giveaway: Christina H.
Ended 8/31/17 - Back-to-school giveaway winners: Helena M., Jennifer W., and Heather E.
Ended 7/18/17 - Rocking Branson Giveaway with Raiding the Rock Vault - Winner: Deanna A.
Ended 7/13/17 - Greater Kansas City Attractions Association: Summer Getaway Contest - Winner: Bailey B.
Ended 6/14/17 - Countryside BBQ Pro Shop - Me & My Grill-Friend Photo Contest: 1st Place - Alison S., 2nd Place - Jessica R., 3rd Place - Audrey G.
Ended 6/14/17 - Outlaw Nationals Sweepstakes: Grand Prize Winner -
Ginger G.
Ended 6/14/17 - Great American Father's Day Giveaway 2017 - Grand Prize Winner - Jayme K., 1st Runner Up - Jennifer A., 2nd Runner Up - Reta H.
Ended 6/14/17 - Factory Return Outlet Father's Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Amanda N.
Ended 6/14/17 - Loehr Chiropractic Father's Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Patrick N.
Ended 6/14/17 - Team Tools Father's Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Bethany T.

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