Police search for vandal after quarry equipment destroyed in Sunrise Beach

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. -- Police say a seismograph at the Magruder Quarry in Sunrise Beach was destroyed just a few weeks ago.

Picture provided by the Sunrise Beach Police Department.

The company has replaced it, but they still have no idea who vandalized that equipment.

"They say they had to replace it completely. It had a value of $5,000 dollars," said Sunrise Beach Police Chief Jeff Campbell.

The seismograph is rented, and used by a third-party monitoring agency to measure air and ground vibrations during blastings at the quarry.

Police believe the vandalism happened sometime during the evening hours of Friday January 5th.

"What I saw was a bunch of the wires had been ripped out and bashed in, there was an antenna that was broke off the side, and the locking mechanism for the box itself was no longer functional," Campbell said.
Campbell says they did, however, find an item they believe could have been used by the vandal.

"It's just some metal bar off of, looks like maybe an old car or something that someone wrapped some tape around to give it sort of a handle," Campbell said.

This vandalism comes in the midst fued between people who live near the area, the Camden County Planning and Zoning board and the quarry, because The Quarry want's to annex 30 acres of land to expand their site.

One of the people against the expansion had this to say about the vandalism.

"It certainly doesn't help us because we want it monitored," said Ron Ron Yarbrough, founder of the "Citizens against Rock Quarry in Sunrise Beach" Facebook group. "Anybody on the citizens' page that's against the expansion or even against the current quarry would want the monitoring to continue."

The Sunrise Beach Police Chief says they have no video or photographic evidence of a suspect in this case, so if you have any information that may help them solve this case, give them a call at (573) 374-7757, or call the Camden County Sheriff's Department at (573) 346-2243.

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