Police search warrant shows stolen phone might have led to deadly Springfield shooting

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A search warrant obtained by KY3 gives a better understanding of what happened Monday night when a teenager was shot and killed.

Timber Porter's lawyer says the teenager admits to fatally shooting Deaires Hempstead near downtown Springfield, but said he did it in self defense.

Porter turned himself into police Tuesday, but police released him from jail Wednesday.

A search warrant we received from the Springfield Police Department includes an interview with the suspect's mother and items police found at the crime scene. The warrant doesn't clear up why Porter is free as of Friday.

When police responded to the house on Brower St. Monday, they found Dearies Hempstead lying in the driveway with a gunshot wound in the abdomen. Police asked Hempstead who shot him and he responded, "Timber Porter." Porter's attorney, Jason Coatney told KY3 News this week, Porter acted in self-defense.

"He knew the victim. They had been friends in the past," Coatney said.

According to police documents, Porter lived in the Brower St. home with his brother. The search warrant shows police found bullets, shell casings, a gun magazine, drugs and a pipe inside. Porter's mother told police Hempstead stole her other son's phone. She said Timber and his other brother found the phone the night before the shooting.

When they found the phone, they got a gun.

"A problem ensued, a fight ensued and my client was afraid for his life. He pulled a gun and he's acknowledged to the police that he shot him," Coatney said.

According to Coatney, Porter had never held a gun before the shooting.

"Missouri law allows for people who are in fear or imminent harm or death to use reasonable force to head off that harm. That's what he did," Coatney said.

So far, we still do not know who owned the gun.

Police released Porter Wednesday without filing charges, but that could change, depending on police investigations.

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